The best Side of Become A Team Beachbody Coach

The best Side of Become A Team Beachbody CoachStarting Off As a Independent Beachbody Coach member gives you an opportunity to unite with a bunch of dedicated people that are committed to helping other people reach their individual health goals and have an interest in building a profitable business opportunity for themselves at the same time. Team Beachbody Coach profit is primarily made through sales of Beachbody products and or services such as P90X and The Meal Replacement Shake Called Shakeology as a few examples.


Outside Of what you probably heard in a random company review. Team Beachbody is certainly NOT a scam.


The Beachbody Company popped up in 1998 and is still known as one of the industry leaders for fitness and lose weight programs that deliver amazing results over and over again. The organization is made up of an estimated eight hundred workers, an estimated 350K Beachbody Challenge Pack


Independent Beachbody Coaches are not typically required to buy Team Beachbody services to be a Beachbody Coach or get commissions from sales, but there are associated get started obligations that you need to be aware of.


How Much It Cost To Be A Independent Beachbody Coach?


When you first sign up as a coach you are provided with two options to get started. You can either

    • Buy a Business Starter Kit or
    • Buy a Challenge Pack 

The New Coach Business Starter Kit is about $40 and includes resources  necessary to assist you to begin getting income with Team Beachbody.


To get more information on being a Team Beachbody Coach. Visit or check out


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